Steele Research Center at the University of Arizona

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Since 1992

The Arizona Elks adopted the U of A Steele Center in 1992 as a "major project". Members in lodges around the state have contributed more than $6.8 million. Additionally, thousands of books, toys, beanies and blankets have been distributed in the hope that no child leaves the Elks Pediatric Clinic empty handed.

Groups are welcome to visit the facility and can schedule through the Arizona Elks Major Projects office. Phone 520-326-0556,

Watch this short video for a brief description on how the Arizona Elks Major Projects impacts the Steele Reserach Center

Highlights of Elks-supported projects through the years...

Arizona Elks Laboratories for Transplantation Research Amount raised: $275k One of the first projects the Elks undertook was supporting the building of two research labs on the sixth floor of the Steele Center. Work in these labs have made organ transplants in children a viable option today.

Seed Research Awards: Amount raised: $1.2M: Seed grants allow investigators to "prime the pump" with preliminary data, which will make their research projects more attractive to State and Federal funding agencies.

Education: Amount raised: $50k: Educational fund assisted with developing the first Pediatric Integrative Medicine Conference, and supported the "Morning for Children's Health" workshops for parents.

Arizona Elks Pediatric Clinic for: Amount raised: $390k: In 2001, the Arizona Elks celebrated the grand re-opening of the newly named "Arizona Elks Pediatric Clinic" housed on the third floor of UMC. 20,000 patients visit the clinic each year.

Core Support - Amount raised: $405k: Core support funds were used for needed facilities improvements throughout the Steele Center. Funds helped repair existing equipment and purchase new equipment, such as polymerase chain reaction (PCR) machines-used in DNA cloning for sequencing and DNA-based phylogeny and in 2016 a Confocal Microscope was added to the arsenal.

Marvin Lewis Pediatric Teaching Center - Amount raised: $130k: Marvin Lewis was a past Grand Exalted Ruler and was passionate about education and helping children. Funds were used to renovate the pediatric residency offices and create a conference room within the residency office. Upon completion of the offices, the space was named the "Marvin Lewis Pediatric Teaching Center." In 2017, more than 1000 residents applied for 16 openings at this prestigious center.

Arizona Elks Endowed Chair in Neonatology Research - Amount raised: $2 Million: In 2003, the Arizona Elks committed to creating the "Arizona Elks Endowed Chair in Neonatology Research." An endowed chair generates income that lasts forever. Every year, a portion of the interest is available to the Chair to support his research and provide seed funding to promising young investigators interested in neonatal research.

Arizona Elks Endowed Chair in Statewide Pediatric Research - Amount Committed - $1.25 Million: In 2017 this chair created a leadership position to focus on children's health throughout Arizona. In the Maricopa County, the State's population center, Elks sponsored the Phoenix Translational Research Facility.

Arizona Elks Endowed Faculty Research for Technology and Innovation - Amount Committed - $1 Million: Following the up on amazing research being done with the Confocal Microscope Arizona Elks purchased for the Steele Center in 2016, this endowment provides the best equipment available for the researchers at the Center. "Research is moving at a pace not seen before," said Steele Center Director Dr. Fayez Ghishan "To keep pace the Elks are providing the latest scientific equipment."

Toys, Blankets, Beanies and Booties - Amount raised: "Priceless": There is simply no price that can be assigned to the hundreds of blankets, beanies and booties that have been knitted by the Elks for the premature babies at UMC. Or the thousands of donated toys that have brought a smile to a sick child's face. We are immensely grateful for these priceless gifts from the Arizona Elks lodges throughout Arizona!