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In 1931, the Elks of Arizona purchased a hospital, known as the "Elks Long Term Care Center," which was operated primarily to treat tuberculosis patients.

In May 1950, the Arizona Elks Major Projects, Inc., as I.R.C. 501(c)(3) organization, was established, and the Elks Long Term Care Center came under the auspices of the Arizona Elks Major Projects, Inc.

As the prevalence of tuberculosis declined the Elks Long Term Care Center became devoted to care of the elderly and infirm, rather than to the treatment of tuberculosis.  There was only one Elks Long Term Care Center, which was the same facility as the Elks Long Term Care Unit located on west Speedway, Tucson, Arizona.

In 1991, the Arizona Elks Major Projects, Inc. closed the Elks Long Term Care Center and selected the Steele Memorial Children's Research Center as their main charity.  The Steele Memorial Children's Research Center is part of the University of Arizona College of Medicine.  The Elks' selection of the Steele Memorial Children's Research Center as their main charity was a continuation of the philanthropic work of the Arizona Elks  Major Projects, Inc., which continues to control and administer the charitable work of the Elks of Arizona.


Since 1991, the Arizona Elks have focused our fund raising efforts on the Steele Memorial Children's Research Center.  This Center is part of the University of Arizona college of Medicine, but the work that's done there will help children across the state, and throughout the world.

The Children's Research Center is a place where internationally recognized physicians and researchers work together to find answers to the medical problems that plague our children.

Our funds help researchers at the Children's Research Center find answers faster.  If we tried to provide medical care for needy children, our funds would help only a select few.  by funding medical research and education, thousands of children are benefiting from our help.


Funding for medical research is shorter than ever before.  So more and more researchers count on the private sector for necessary funds to continue their work.

The Arizona Elks fund "seed grants" at the Children's Research Center.  These grants, in amounts of approximately $25,000 each, to new research projects.  These projects may not be current contenders for federal funding, but may hold real promise for finding a cure to a child's illness.

We can all feel very proud of our financial support of "seed grants."  These researchers have already made invaluable contributions to the world of children's health, thanks to our generosity and support.


Thanks to the Arizona Elks, a wing on the sixth floor of the Children's Research Center is dedicated to "Transplantation Research and Education."  Our funds are not paying for individual transplants, but to increase the body of knowledge about transplantation so that many lives can be saved.


With our support, researchers are working on projects that would decrease the problems with rejection that transplant patients have and improve the transplantation process.  A recent development is the use of the blood cells from umbilical cord for the treatment of some childhood cancers.  Research on various aspects of gene therapy is proceeding quickly with our financial support.


Your continued individual support, as well as your lodge's support is needed and appreciated.  There are many opportunities for giving and raising money throughout the year.  We hope that as least one of them appeals to you.  Your individual donations, both monetary and in personal time and travel are tax deductible.

Our goal is to reduce or eradicate children's diseases in Arizona and beyond - through research, education and patient care.

What greater legacy can the Arizona Elks give to our children, our grandchildren and those who come after, than this contribution to good health?

If you would like to know more about the Children's Research Center, or would like to take a tour of the facility, please talk with the Major Projects Chairman in your lodge or call the Major Projects Office at 1.888.808.8627.


Now you know how the Elks help and you wish to join.  Click the link below for information on how to become part of the Elks Association.

The Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks of the USA


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